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Equine Diagnostic Imaging

The key to treating any disease or health problem is early detection. Here at Marshall Animal Clinic we take pride in offering our diagnostic imaging. Digital Radiographs have become the standard for practices treating equine, we have been taking radiographs for years but we are very excited to have them accessible immediately.

In your horse's radiographs you will see an amazing amount of detail that allows your Veterinarian to focus and manipulate the image, while diagnosing conditions in the field or at the clinic. We are able to work with farriers to be sure that your horse is getting the correct farrier work every 8 weeks or to aid in an appropriate shoeing plan.

We are also able to consult with other Veterinarians and Specialty Clinics within minutes of taking an image, this allows for more accurate diagnosis and an effective therapeutic plan.

Once the images are completed we save them to the unit itself as well as attach your horse's images to their patient file. We are also able to save them to a disk for you or send them to a referred specialist for evaluation before your referral visit. Our imaging has proven important for those who are wanting to have pre-purchase exams done or for those who need to have a therapeutic plan for a health issue. These images can be expanded and altered to enhance different aspects of the tissue, allowing us to provide a diagnoses QUICKLY or complete a pre-purchase exam.

We take pride in being able to get you, the owner, your images saved as a JPEG so that you are able to pull up the images and show your farrier right there in your barn. We have a strong interest in working with farriers to be able to give the best overall health care plan to your horse, so being able to supply them with high quality images that will give them measurements and the ability to effectively monitor various foot conditions.

Digital radiography has rapidly developed in equine medicine, yet it is not offered in all practices. Certainly this is a mainstay in referral centers and we are excited to offer this service either in the field or at our clinic.

Equine Joint Health

Many horses suffer from joint pain at some point during their lives. It doesn't matter if your horse is an athlete or just a ol' faithful trail partner, your horse can develop a lameness that is localized to a joint. When there is trauma to a joint structure, this causes an increase in the body’s inflammatory mediators within the joint. This inflammatory response not only causes your horse pain, but it causes a physical breakdown of cartilage.

In early stages, this may just be inflammation of the joint capsule lining (synovitis). However if the process of cartilage degradation progresses, this can eventually lead to osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is progressive, meaning that we have no cure. However, there are several different options available for management, and many horses are kept comfortable for years despite their joint disease.

Our goal for the management of joint pain is to decrease inflammation within the joint as much as possible, so as to slow down the process of cartilage degradation and alleviate pain. To help manage your horse's joint pain we have a few different options.

We are able to provide therapeutic laser to help reduce the swelling in your horse's joints. The therapeutic laser is able to be used after an injury or for precaution on an area that your horse is known to have issues with.  We offer different packages for therapeutic laser treatments based on if this is a one time treatment or a inflammation issue that we will be doing many treatments on.

We also have the ability to inject some joints with different medications that can help easy the pain in the joint. What is used to inject the joint depends on what type of joint issue we are treating. We have had great success in making these horses comfortable and have helped take the inflammation out of the diseased joint. When we are not able to treat the joint in house
we have several specialty clinics that we can refer our clients out to.

If injecting the joint is not the route that is best for your horse's situation we have different medications that we can prescribe. We want to make sure that your horse is treated correctly and has the best health care plan moving forward so we will consult you on what medication is the right fit for your horse and get your equine partner back on track!

Dr. Kuecker, Dr. Westegaard and Dr. Ruppert care about your equine partner so let's set up an appointment to get your partner on the best health care plan!

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