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September 2019

September 1st-30th

We are offering a Wellness Blood Panel for your furry friend with an INSANE savings of $148.38!
This test includes a Chemistry Profile and a Complete Blood Count, Fecal Test, Thyroid Function Test, and a Complete Urinalysis.
Unsure if your pet needs this test?
Well if you have been noticing different behavior in your pet or if your pet is over the age of ONE it is a great time to test! This test can reveal a potential health concern before your pet gets really sick. Another benefit is that this test will provide a baseline of what your pet’s “normal” blood values are.


Protect your loved ones!

Check out the GREAT product and rebate below for our FELINE Patients!


When you purchase 6 doses of Revolution Plus for your cats you get not only GREAT protection but also a $15 rebate! Through the month of June you will also be entered in to win a Shark Vacuum!

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